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Our standard product range includes various force transducers and load cells (beam type, S type, tension, compression, single point load cells, etc.) for capacities from 100 g to 330 t. The different designs offer many advantages for installation in a wide variety of locations, whether in scales, machines or other measuring equipment. Special designs according to customer requirements and optimised for a specific application are of course also available.

Weighing modules for capacities from 50 kg to 330 t expand the range. Here, as in the case of load cells too, versions in stainless steel and/or for trade use are also offered.

In addition, electronic devices (weighing electronics, weighing and dosing controllers) are also included in the BÜTTNER product range. From simple analogue or digital single board weighing amplifiers (measuring amplifiers) to weighing indicators and weighing terminals, further to modular and multi-scale weighing and dosing controllers, BÜTTNER offers optimum solution suggestions taking individual customer requirements into account. Software packages tailored to user requirements provide a useful supplement for weighing and dosing electronics.

We offer a wide range of accessories for these weighing components, such as load cell connection boxes, installation supports or additional displays (remote displays).

Other products are available, such as control units for the cleaning of dust filters.